We serve food but with a purpose

Yi was created in 2014, not from a sudden big bang but consciously with great love and a vision: To contribute to the exploration of the endless, boundless, enchanting and indeed delicious plant based cuisine.

Our Philosophy

At Yi you will have the opportunity to taste vegan and raw vegan dishes at their most creative version. Gastronomic specialties, snacks, desserts and beverages inspired from the most interesting food culture of our time.

Through Yi’s signature dishes you can experience new flavors and textures, you will also recognize well known recipes but more colorful and dynamic. They are designed to not only offer a different experience but also to provide a complete, healthy and nutritious meal.

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The center of Yi

Yi's cuisine is at the heart of not only the restaurant but an entire system that is supplied daily with fresh products from selected producers from all over Greece.

Everything that comes into our kitchen is carefully selected and thoughtfully cultivated, everything that comes out of our kitchen is made from scratch. Vegetable “milk”, “butter”, creams and “cheeses”, sprouts and microplants, crackers, breads, crusts and wraps are made daily by us.
No preservatives and other additives, no sugar or flour. It goes without saying that at the end of the day we recycle, compost, minimize our ecological footprint. We care.

Something more than a restaurant

At Yi we love good food and food that is good for our health. The original flavors and unusual recipes that can create new eating habits. Our ideas can easily be incorporated into your daily life. Our products are at your disposal, as are our trained staff and our training seminars.

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Here, after all, is the Earth, we call it Yi. The planet we all share!